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Missouri City


Adeline Ray Design Studio overall was one of my favorite home improvement project vendors that I've ever had the opportunity to work with. They not only know what they're doing at an expert level from a selection and design perspective, but also (I think drastically undervalued in everyone's mind as they approach a home improvement project,) from a project management standpoint.

Their Design - My wife makes the decisions. She knew what she wanted, but didn't know how to start. Adeline and her crew made this process both efficient and fun. They asked tons of questions to understand what we were going for & made recommendations they thought would be more functional/look better. There was never awkwardness in asking for something different because they care about you and your design project, not making it theirs. They brought items you could see, feel and touch and took great care in making the right selections and presenting them ahead of time.

Their Work Quality - They hire the best sub contractors in the city. They like to work with them a lot. They share a level of trust and respect for each other which makes you feel good about them working together on your house and being in your house. Each of their contractors respected your home, your time and their work space as if it was their own home. They asked good questions and stayed in their own workspace. Each contractor also played well with any other contractor they were coming in contact with throughout the project. I think that allowed them to overlap some work and save you time.

Their Service & Professionalism - You can't get a better score here. I have highly recommended them to at least 10 different families already and will continue to. They're friendly, diligent, precise, communicative, and have the utmost respect for you, your home, your budget and your project. I can't say this highly enough here, this part is unmatched. Look, a tile, is a tile, but when it comes down to how the project overall is designed, how it was ordered, how it was set up for delivery, how it goes in and how any issues were remedied, this TEAM is second to none.

Their Project Management - They do this in completed stages and make sure everything is done with that stage before moving onto the next one. Which would seem to drag out time, when you could get started asap, and you just want to see things and progress...but in reality they do it for your benefit. They do it so you don't have a massive amount of delays, unused product or change orders. They don't place orders for product you don't need until your design is done. They don't schedule the work or start the work until all your product is in. This way you're not sitting there without cabinets for 2 months because they were already torn out but didn't come in yet. Because of all of this, they were ahead of time and within budget. Their team checks regularly on your progress and makes sure everything is going smoothly. They have this down to a science.

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