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New to hiring a decorator?


The Design Process is as follows:

  • Meet to review project goals and ideas

  • Sign a contract after review

  • A design fee retainer is required to start your design plan, it will be based on the scope of your project

  • Design the room with floor plans, drawings, concept pictures, as needed

  • Source products and services for your space

  • Meet to review and get an approval to move forward

  • Select furniture in showrooms

  • Send proposals with each item or service for your approval and payment as we go,  this helps you be part of the process and keeps you in control of your budget

  • Manage the project, drapery work, upholstery work, custom furniture, purchasing items, receiving and delivery

  • Install items into your home either with a grand reveal or as we get each part of the project completed, the choice is yours

  • Professional photos are taken for our portfolio

  • We understand our clients need a great deal of trust to take the first step, however, we look forward to earning that

Need Remodeling as part of the design project?

  • Adeline usually acts as the General Contractor on her jobs. She will hire and oversee the subs and get necessary permitting. After several of her clients had bad experiences with contractors, she decided it was better for her clients to have one point of contact and that she could better oversee and execute her own design plan. 

  • Her management style is to micro manage her subs and make sure they are executing the best possible outcome. Issues may arise on construction projects but she is very adept at finding solutions with her homeowners and her crew. 

  • After we give you a bid for the entire project, we send a bill for each trade and or product as it is needed. Instead of taking a percentage up front like most contractors.  This keeps you in control of your budget the entire way. 

  • We have easy online billing with a client portal so they can review proposals and invoices once paid.  This has been very helpful to our clients. 

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